Call for Papers

Papers dealing with fundamental research and application of computer science, information engineering, intelligent computing, communication technology will be considered for publication in the conference proceedings and presentation at the conference, including but not limited to:


Computer Science and Application

Embedded and Ubiquitous Software Engineering

Component-Based Software Engineering

Distributed and parallel software architectures

Patterns and Frameworks

Reflection and Metadata Approaches

Program Understanding

Software domain modeling


Object-oriented methodologies

Requirements Engineering

Software architectures and design

Logic Programming

Machine Learning

Cognitive Science

Computational Linguistics

Computational Neuroscience

Software Domain Modeling and Meta-Modeling

Web and text mining

Computability Theory

Computational Chemistry

Computational Complexity Theory


Cloud Computing

Quantum Computing Theory

Requirements Analysis


Scientific Computing

Computer Architecture

Computer Organization

Computational Geometry

Web-Based Tools, Applications and Environment

Multimedia and Hypermedia Software Engineering

Unified Modeling Language (UML)

Analysis of Algorithms

Computational Physics

Computer Accessibility

Computer Animation

Numerical Analysis

Object-oriented Programming

Operating Systems

Procedural Programming

Programming Paradigms

Natural Language Processing

Network Topology

Numerical Algorithms

Software Design

Software Development Process

Software Engineering

Software Testing

Symbolic Mathematics

Ubiquitous Computing


Wearable Computing

Computer Programming


Database Management Systems

Evolutionary Computation

Information theory 


Intelligent Systems and Automatic Control

Intelligent Computing

Intelligent Systems Sensors

Functional Programming

AI and knowledge-based software engineering

Artificial Intelligence Machine

Expert Systems

Artificial Intelligence Programming

Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence

Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab

Artificial Intelligence Lab

Electrical machines

Electrical materials Electromagnetics

High voltage techniques microwave

Electronics instrumentation

Artificial Intelligence Computer

Power electronics and applications antennas

Mechatronics Communication theory and systems

Control theory and applications Optoelectronics

Robotics and automation systems Biomedical electronics

Artificial Intelligence Robot

Circuits and systems Manufacture and operation of electrical and electronic systems 

Artificial Intelligence Instrument

Multimedia Systems and Applications

Parallel and Distributed Computing


Artificial Intelligence Model

QoS Provisioning and Architectures

Embedded System

Telecommunication Services and Applications

Wireless Networking

Optical Communications

Multimedia Communications

Network Performance

Innovative Networking Technologies

Network Security

Network Planning and Design

Process Control & Instrumentation


Robust and Control


Communication Technology and Wireless Sensor Network

Wireless and Communication Network:

Operating system

Application software

Networking Software

The computer program


Software Engineering


Computer Simulation

Data and Information Systems

Data Structure

Data Encryption

Information system


Artificial intelligence

Machine Translation

Computer Graphics

Image Processing and Computer Vision

Engineering Computing

Communication Networks

Optical Communications

Wireless Communications

Internet Technologies

Mobile Communications

Communication Software

Infrastructure for Next Generation Networks


Information & Communication

Sensor Networks

Coding Theory

5G, 4G, LTE, LTE-Advanced,


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